“3CI” Explained

The Canadian Cannabis Composite Index (CCCI) is an industry benchmark for Canada’s most well-capitalized, top-flight cannabis stocks. They are all companies that are primarily engaged in the cultivation of cannabis and cannabis-based products. None of them are reliant on scientific innovation as core revenue sources.


The initial inclusion threshold for each constituent company is a CDN $100 million market capitalization and a share price in excess of CDN $1.00. Each constituent must also demonstrate a healthy balance sheet.

Use 3CI for Actionable Trading Insights

  • Leverage our continuous flow of dynamic “real time” market data to identify macro and micro trends  

  • Use our integrated company news and media feeds to add context to each company’s trading dynamics

  • Be well-informed about the buying and selling activities of company insiders 


3CI Index Methodology

Additions and Deletions: Additions and deletions may only occur at each re-balancing, which will occur are at the committee’s discretion -- based on a proprietary process.

Buffer Rule: In order to reduce turnover, an existing constituent’s minimum market capitalization requirement to remain in the index is CDN $100 million at each re-balancing. Its share price must also remain at or above CDN $1.00. The price that is used to calculate the threshold is the volume weighted average price over the 30 trading days ending on the last trading day of the month preceding the inclusion date.

Certain other performance metrics must also be met by each index constituent, which the committee evaluates on a case by case basis.


Other Considerations: Each constituent company must demonstrate that it adheres by high ethical business standards and does not engage in hyperbolic promotional activities to mislead investors.

Index Governance: The index policies and procedures are maintained by the index committee. This committee shall be comprised of a minimum of three members, of which the majority shall not be directors of M. Davis & Associates Capital Inc., the legal entity which owns and operates the Canadian Cannabis Composite Index. 


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